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The New You Difference

Results in
40 Days

Experience life-changing weight loss in just 40 days – that’s real fat loss, not just water weight.

Fully Customized
Weight Loss

We begin by identifying the “root causes” of your metabolic slow down & then create a plan tailored for your unique needs.

Change Your

Reset your metabolism from Fat Storage mode to Fat Burning mode for fast and sustainable results.

Real Food

Lose weight eating real food that you buy from the grocery store – no prepackaged meals or shakes!

No Exercise

There is no exercise required during the first 40 days on the New You program.

Real People, Real Results

Listen to real clients talk about their personal experiences and results from following the New You program

Why Choose New You?


The New You Program works fast.

With New You program, you can lose a life-changing amount of weight in just 40 days. Seeing consistent results is a huge motivator for our clients and allows them to break through plateaus faster than they ever thought possible. Our clients typically lose 20-40 lbs in the first two months while remarkably improving their health. That means more energy, better sleep, more productivity, and a happier life!


Life’s too short to eat prepackaged food.

Eating strictly shakes, cabbage, or microwavable meals in a box might help you lose a little weight in the short term, but you can’t do that forever. With the New You, you’ll lose weight eating real food you get from the grocery store – and have the tools to keep the weight off.


Doctor Supervised.

Losing weight is more than just “eat-less-move-more.” It’s an emotional and psychological process – one that can be very difficult to tackle alone. With the New You, you get a doctor-supervised, fully customized, highly educational program with unlimited support to help you stay on track and keep you motivated.


Be healthy. Be empowered. Be the New You.

When you partner with the New You Program, we’ll help you to see life-changing weight loss success in just 40 days. We’ll help you regain your self-confidence and positive body image. We’ll celebrate your victories on and off the scale and give you the tools & guidance needed to win for life. If you’re ready for a personal transformation, we invite you to join us on the journey to discovering a New You!

Ideal You Ideal You

Your Proven Fat Loss Blueprint

Reset Your Metabolism
Fat Burning Vs. Fat Storage
Fat is Fuel

Calculate Your BMI

With the New You Program you’ll get

  1. Unlimited support from Dr. Panah and the rest of our team during the entire program
  2. A customized “road map” back to better health, more energy, improved sleep, and consistent weight loss
  3. A tremendous education on how to really understand and support your body’s unique needs
  4. A personalized food list and all-natural, plant-based supplements to reset your metabolism
  5. Best of all, you get life-changing weight loss that happens fast and lasts!

The New You loves the spotlight

The old you was a black belt in the art of dodging pictures. You just weren’t comfortable with how you looked. In today’s world of Snapchats and selfies, we’re more self-conscious than ever. At New You Health Center, we want you to love your body, inside and out. If losing weight will bring some of that confidence back, then why not lose it the fast, healthy way! The new you, never passes up the chance to capture another memory.

I was struggling with my thyroid, blood sugar, emotions and joint pain despite being properly medicated and following my doctor’s recommendations. This program literally changed my life. If you’re tired of being trapped in a body that isn’t working then this is the place for answers.
Hannah B.

The New You is a Believer

The old you didn’t believe you could lose the weight. You thought after years of yoyo dieting, up and down on the scale, you were just stuck. But, the old you took a chance – you called Ideal You and got your health and your weight under control. When you hit your goal weight in just 40 days, the new you realized that you can do anything! Now you’re feeling great and you have tons of energy. What will you accomplish next?

I never imagined I could lose over 100 lbs in less than one year, regain my confidence, and have boundless energy again. Thanks to the “New You” for helping me truly uncover my hidden potential and really enjoy life again!”
Alice T.



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