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Experience life-changing weight loss in just 40 days – that’s real fat loss, not just water weight.

Fully Customized
Weight Loss

We begin by identifying the “root causes” of your metabolic slow down & then create a plan tailored for your unique needs.

Change Your

Reset your metabolism from Fat Storage mode to Fat Burning mode for fast and sustainable results.

Real Food

Lose weight eating real food that you buy from the grocery store – no prepackaged meals or shakes!

No Exercise

There is no exercise required during the first 40 days on the New You program.

Real People, Real Results

Listen to real clients talk about their personal experiences and results from following the New You program

Why Choose New You?


The New You Program works fast.

With New You program, you can lose a life-changing amount of weight in just 40 days. Seeing consistent results is a huge motivator for our clients and allows them to break through plateaus faster than they ever thought possible. Our clients typically lose 20-40 lbs in the first two months while remarkably improving their health. That means more energy, better sleep, more productivity, and a happier life!


Life’s too short to eat prepackaged food.

Eating strictly shakes, cabbage, or microwavable meals in a box might help you lose a little weight in the short term, but you can’t do that forever. With the New You, you’ll lose weight eating real food you get from the grocery store – and have the tools to keep the weight off.


Doctor Supervised.

Losing weight is more than just “eat-less-move-more.” It’s an emotional and psychological process – one that can be very difficult to tackle alone. With the New You, you get a doctor-supervised, fully customized, highly educational program with unlimited support to help you stay on track and keep you motivated.


Be healthy. Be empowered. Be the New You.

When you partner with the New You Program, we’ll help you to see life-changing weight loss success in just 40 days. We’ll help you regain your self-confidence and positive body image. We’ll celebrate your victories on and off the scale and give you the tools & guidance needed to win for life. If you’re ready for a personal transformation, we invite you to join us on the journey to discovering a New You!

Ideal You Ideal You

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Fat Burning Vs. Fat Storage
Fat is Fuel

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With the New You Program you’ll get

  1. Unlimited support from Dr. Panah and the rest of our team during the entire program
  2. A customized “road map” back to better health, more energy, improved sleep, and consistent weight loss
  3. A tremendous education on how to really understand and support your body’s unique needs
  4. A personalized food list and all-natural, plant-based supplements to reset your metabolism
  5. Best of all, you get life-changing weight loss that happens fast and lasts!

The New You loves the spotlight

The old you was a black belt in the art of dodging pictures. You just weren’t comfortable with how you looked. In today’s world of Snapchats and selfies, we’re more self-conscious than ever. At New You Health Center, we want you to love your body, inside and out. If losing weight will bring some of that confidence back, then why not lose it the fast, healthy way! The new you, never passes up the chance to capture another memory.

I was struggling with my thyroid, blood sugar, emotions and joint pain despite being properly medicated and following my doctor’s recommendations. This program literally changed my life. If you’re tired of being trapped in a body that isn’t working then this is the place for answers.
Hannah B.

The New You is a Believer

The old you didn’t believe you could lose the weight. You thought after years of yoyo dieting, up and down on the scale, you were just stuck. But, the old you took a chance – you called Ideal You and got your health and your weight under control. When you hit your goal weight in just 40 days, the new you realized that you can do anything! Now you’re feeling great and you have tons of energy. What will you accomplish next?

I never imagined I could lose over 100 lbs in less than one year, regain my confidence, and have boundless energy again. Thanks to the “New You” for helping me truly uncover my hidden potential and really enjoy life again!”
Alice T.


Based on 211 reviews
This program is wonderful. It teaches you how to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is not like any other crash course where you loose weight and it all comes back again as soon as you are off the program. I lost total of 26 pounds and feel more in control than I ever was with my body. Dr. Panah is so knowledgeable and very responsive. It was a pleasure working with him. I am so glad I met him.
Urvashi Pandey
Urvashi P.
07:31 07 Dec 22
Dr. Panah and his team are truly amazing! He knows the human body more than any other physician I have ever met! He has the perfect recipe for weight loss that I would have never, ever figured out on my own and the results are so quick!I was starting to think that being 48 years old and over weight was going to be my lot in life - but he changed my life! I lost 28 pounds in only 10 weeks - and I have been trying to get these extra pounds off for over 8 years! I am now wearing clothes 2 sizes smaller, I have way more energy than I have had in over a decade and I am no longer on my high blood pressure medicine (my blood pressure dropped within two weeks of starting the plan).If you follow the plan to his instructions - you will lose exactly what he predicts you will lose. I've been off the plan for a month and have not gained a single pound. He teaches you life lessons on how to care for your body and your body will respond so quickly. No diet pills, no prepackaged food, no gimmicks! Well worth every penny and well worth the time dedicated to reaching my goal.
Tamara Baker
Tamara B.
21:25 27 Nov 22
Dr. Panah is absolutely wonderful! I do not have enough words to express my gratitude! Thank you so much for the support and kind words, Dr. Panah! You are terrific! :)Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family! 🙂
Camila Venn
Camila V.
00:40 25 Nov 22
Best gift I gave myself in many years!!! I absolutely recommend Dr. Panah if you are serious about improving your health and really want to start maximizing how you live every day. I was in a frustrating cycle of caffeine and sugar to fuel the energy I need for everything. My weight had crept up and it wasn’t coming off. The worst part was how terrible I felt and how that affected everything. I lost 15+ pounds, but have gained so much more wisdom and empathy by listening to my body and re-learning how we work together for optimal results. Don’t hesitate, call now. Dr. Panah is smart, caring, and in addition to being a highly talented functional medical professional he is a great coach and teacher. This is the gift that truly keeps giving!
Kate Boatman
Kate B.
23:03 15 Nov 22
Excellent guidance on how to become a steward of your body and health. Dr. Panah is very knowledgeable and supportive. If you want to learn how to make a real lifestyle change and get back control of your health make an appointment today!
Farah Ali
Farah A.
03:54 14 Nov 22
I have hypothyroidism which means weight is easy and weight loss is difficult. After many years of asking my doctors for help, and was told by several to do the “ fodmap” diet, a joke. Also told to do more exercises. Another joke. Research it, it would consume all your time trying to figure out what you can eat. We also looked into all the so called weight loss gurus out there, Jenny Craig, Weight Watcher’s etc.So very expensive with the foods “they” want you to eat. That made the cost average $300 to $700+ a month for the foods alone. What we noticed was none of them were using “non processed foods”, which is the root of a lot of bad issues for weight loss. It was teaching your own body how to use the foods for fuel and not teaching your own body how to recognize your own inflammatory foods triggers. Yes we learned so much with Dr Panah’s Skinny Seattle program. It’s not about him getting you involved with already prepared foods, it’s about teaching a natural healthy way to prep your own food and portions, a way your individual body will recognize and adapt to. And it’s so much easier than you think! My husband went with me to my 1st appt to meet Dr P. My husband, who was difficult to get to change eating habits was so taken by Dr P’s approach that he got on board in support for me and to benefit him too. Though you may think the cost is high, it isn’t. Consider this, a one time charge that no where comes close to following a weight loss program for a year at say $400 a month (prepped food). That’s $5400 a year (this program is less than half that per person) and honestly, you won’t maintain the loss. We know several people that lost a good amount of weight on these programs. Issue is, after stopping because of the constant cost, they all went right back to over weight with a lot more additional weight. They still had the same eating habits without control and more weight with it.We have been on this plan since 8/22/2022. In the 5 weeks my husband lost 28 lbs and I have lost nearly 12 lbs. and we all know male vs female wt loss is different, don’t compare. I am extremely happy and remember I have the thyroid issue. The fact is we learned (our body’s) how to use food properly and not store fat. We learned trigger foods that our bodies don’t tolerate without giving up the fun foods. Moderation is key too. But you really do find moderation is easy because you’ve rebooted your metabolism and it takes so much less too satisfy hunger and or crave. Your portions become so much less than the American diet is. Restaurants serve a plate that can feed 3. The other upside, we feel so good inside. No digestive issues, no acid reflux, skin issues diminished, sleep 80% improved and still getting better. List goes on for positives. Please give this a try, you won’t regret it. We are so grateful for Dr Panah. He is truly invested in you and remains involved throughout the process. He is a warm and humble man.Sincerely, Karen and Allen Denmark
Karen Denmark
Karen D.
18:49 25 Sep 22
the weight loss I've experienced on Dr. Panah's program has been different than any other weight loss program I've tried and let me tell you I've tried many. This program is the first (and last) I've been on that treated me and my weight loss individually and not as a one size fits all program like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, 30/10 Weightloss, and Weight Watchers to name a few. Don't get me wrong. I had to do the work, like follow the plan. However, with all the knowledge I gained from Dr. Panah the weight came off incredibly fast and easy. I was eating 3 healthy, satisfying meals a day. In 40 days I went from 188.3lbs to 168.3lbs and then dropped another 6lbs in the next 20 days. I've continued to lose weight following the teachings of this program and am currently at 156lbs. All this weight loss in a little over 3 months. I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. No more crazy inflammation. No more achy joints. This program really is an eye opener. If you've been struggling to feel healthy and can't get a grip on how to lose weight and maintain the loss then this is the program you've been looking for. Thank you Dr. Panah for everything you've taught me and for caring enough about people to share the information.
alise marinov
alise M.
18:56 14 Sep 22
Not only I have lost 26 lbs, but I got the keys to how to make friends with food! Now I know that there’s no good and bad food for me. I learnt to hear my body’s response on different food. I have lost 5 lbs in two final weeks of the program eating pizza, chips and pancakes (not joking)!!! I’m very happy that I met Dr Panah! He helped me to come back to myself!The program rules were easy to follow. It’s based on natural food. No boxes with ready made stuff. You are free to choose what to eat and when. No hunger! Lots of energy! And no stress! I’m actively working mom of two kids and it was great that the program was easy to integrate in my life style!Thank you Dr Panah and the team!
Yulia Cherepennikova
Yulia C.
16:48 10 Sep 22
My husband and I started this program in May and I lost 21 lbs in 40 days. I feel so much better with more energy and sleeping better. I was able to stop taking my cholesterol medication as my numbers greatly improved. My husband and I will continue to eat healthy for the rest of our lives. Dr. Panah is so knowledgeable. We learned so much from him. I have learned to listen to what my body is telling me. My only regret is not doing this sooner!! Thank you Dr. Panah and staff you have been wonderful!!
Cathy Darst
Cathy D.
16:14 17 Jul 22
Dr. Panah changed my life. I went in for wt loss and ended up learning so much more. He takes the time to explain the "whys and how comes" of wt loss and how it impacts your body. Amazing experience and I feel better than I have in 20 years
R. L.
22:30 13 Jul 22
Dr. Panah and team are fantastic !!! I went to the office as a 5 and came out of the program a 11 !! The support to get you and your body back on track is incredible !! My weight loss was unbelievable !! If I just heard about it I wouldn’t have believed it ! My family and friends are in disbelief on how my body and energy level has changed !! I couldn’t recommend skinny Seatte more to anyone !!
Mario Dela rosa
Mario Dela R.
14:39 11 Jul 22
this was a very good process to go thru, its not just a fab diet I have tried in the past. this is a better life style. Dr. Panah is very knowledgeable and shares that knowledge with his clients. I have lost over 20lbs and altho I have more to lose, I feed armed with tools to continue my journey on my own to archive and keep my ideal weight.
Yanna Minayev
Yanna M.
03:50 27 Jun 22
I've tried a couple of other weight loss programs and none of them seemed to stick. They involved pre-packaged meals and exercise, exercise, exercise. Yes, I lost a few pounds, but after the program was done I gained the weight right back. What I love about the Skinny Seattle program is the education provided, the love your body mentality, and Dr. Panah's guidance every step of the way. He really is your champion. I love that I gained the tools and knowledge on how to keep the weight off and how to manage if I happen to eat that slice of cheesecake. What a transformation I've seen in my mood and health. I would recommend this program to anyone who is willing to make a healthy lifestyle change. Thank you Dr. Panah! 🙂
Jennifer Llarenas
Jennifer L.
23:05 25 Jun 22
I was looking for something different from the other weight loss things I’ve tried in the past.I met with Tim Panah for my consultation.After my consultation I was sent videos and all the information I needed to get started. It was simple to follow. I did exactly what I was supposed to do and it worked, I lost 30 pounds in 30 days. I figured I can do anything for 30 days.Tim was available to answer questions anytime I needed.Tim is a very nice man, easy to talk to and genuinely wants you yo succeed.I would recommend this anyone who is willing to do what it takes to lose weight, be healthy and feel great again.
Rose Grandbois
Rose G.
01:17 23 Jun 22
I was 33 when I started the program with my wife thinking "I could lose a little weight, so maybe 20 lbs or so". Well at the end of the program I lost more weight than I knew was there, down 35 lbs. Initially I was skeptical and thought it was like the dozens of other programs out there (WW, Atkins, Paleo, etc), but I found out that this is not a diet. This is a life adjustment and in a positive way. I was also worried about never eating food that I like again which I was wrong about. I am able to continue my lifestyle but this time with the knowledge and my body is now able to handle the ups and downs of life.Going through the program was fun and very achievable. Plus now I have the tools to control my weight to whatever level I want it to be at.
Michael Eidsmoe
Michael E.
15:21 16 Jun 22
Dr. Tim Panah and his program are amazing! You get real results and gain knowledge about your body you never knew before. I have always taken great care of myself and my body but Dr. Tim takes it to a different level of understanding. He is upbeat and motivational and so so informational. Both my husband and I lost weight and feel better now than we did in our twenties. We are so pleased with our results and have made changes to last a life time. Sign up with Dr. Tim and i promise you it will be the best decision you ever make!
Stefanie Erickson
Stefanie E.
01:46 26 May 22
Dr Panah's program is nothing short of amazing. My wife referred him to me. She was on his program for a healthy weight loss. Her results have been amazing. I'll let her write her own review. I went hoping his program would help me with my type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. My A1-C was creeping up and was around 7.3 and my b/p was around 155/94. I took Metformin for diabetes and Metropolol to control High b/p. I was taking a high dose of Metformin twice a day. My MD was suggesting a possible need to add another medication.Dr Panah was very confident that if I followed his plan I would improve both dramatically within 40 days. I started early January and by the end of Feb. I lost 22 lbs. My sugars had reduced to around 90 fasting from 150+ and b/p was in the 120's/76. I stopped taking the meds. I went to my MD for a 3 month follow up in late April, my A1C had dropped to 5.7. b/p still averaging the same. My energy has increased greatly. No more getting sleepy and feeling drained all during the day. When My Dr. saw this it blew him away.I have been researching a way to tackle my health issues without the use of medicines for awhile. Dr. Panah is a God send. He is an educator of how to take care of your body and how to turn it in to a fat burning machine instead of lots of carbs which is what I was into because I work out alot. If you want a healthy approach to ridding your body of inflammation and weight, I highly recommend Dr Panah. . If I could give 10 stars I would. This review is genuinely true. If you're reading this I encourage you to get your mind right because it is a comittment, but the outcome is so worth it.
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey J.
23:03 10 May 22
Dr. Panah and his staff are very courteous and knowledgeable in helping me change my life. I came into the office frustrated about my weight. I had lost some weight on the Keto plan, but was stalled. I needed answers! Dr. Panah is compassionate and taught me a lot of how the body works. I've lost 60 lbs. in over 2 months !! I feel great and now have the tools to continue this weight loss journey ! I highly recommend Skinny Seattle to anyone who seriously wants to change their life.
Victor Santos
Victor S.
00:05 05 May 22
I would pick 10 stars if I could! Dr. Panah and his team have changed my life. I'm almost 50 years old and have put on a lot of extra weight over the years. I was exercising all the time, but still gaining weight. I didn’t understand why it was such a struggle to lose weight. I was tired, in pain, and suffered from stress and anxiety. I wasn't sleeping well and was lucky to get 5 hours. I thought I’d have to live this way for the rest of my life.Dr. Panah's program helped me to lose 25 pounds in 2 months and I plan to continue losing with what I've learned in the process! He teaches you how to eat real food that works for your body. There's no prepackaged food or shakes. His plan is very easy to follow. You can buy everything you need at your local grocery store.His team is amazing and they are always an email or phone call away throughout the program. The constant support was so amazing. Dr. Panah is patient and explains everything in a way that helps you understand the “why”.This program is so much more than weight loss. I've gained energy, confidence, less anxiety, and a brighter outlook on life. I sleep like a baby now and wake up feeling refreshed. But most importantly, Dr. Panah gives you the tools you need to do this on your own forever!If you want to improve your life, and lose weight in the process, call Dr. Panah!
Phaedra Hammonds
Phaedra H.
22:56 04 May 22
I can't recommend Dr. Panah and his staff highly enough! I came to his office with a lot of "pandemic pounds" that I just couldn't lose. I was very discouraged and felt hopeless about my weight, my blood pressure, and my overall health. Dr. Panah provided an individualized approach with a focus on health and well being. There was guidance and support along the way, all offered in a genuine and compassionate manner. The principles of metabolism were taught in an effective manner that made it easy to understand the impact of various food choices. Within two months, my blood pressure was lower, my weight was down 20 pounds and I felt 20 years younger. I will be forever grateful for his assistance in helping me take back control of my weight, health and happiness. Do yourself a favor, and give this program a won't regret it!
Terrie Lockridge
Terrie L.
04:35 05 Apr 22
I’m so thankful for Dr. Panah and skinny Seattle. I am 22 years old and was recently diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders in the span of a month, I gained 10-15 pounds along with them. I couldn’t get the weight off not matter what I did. I was feeling sluggish, was sleeping terrible, and along with that didn’t feel very confident with my body. I started this program about a month and half ago and I feel so much better. I have lost the weight I gained plus more. And not only that I have so much more energy and I sleep so much better. My body is grateful. I feel more confident in my own skin as well. This program isn’t just about weight loss it’s about becoming a more healthy person and feeling better and is focused on that. Dr. Panah is amazing, and I would suggest this program to anyone who asks.
Bay Benintendi
Bay B.
05:45 29 Mar 22
Rus sel
Rus S.
23:01 16 Mar 22
Hello, my name is Emira Resulovic. I started the program 2.5 months ago. Dr. Panah is amazing. I am 61 years old, and I have 2 chronic conditions; high blood pressure and diabetes. I have had those illnesses the last 20 years of my life. When I walked into his office, I was incredibly stressed and angry at my health. After finishing this program, my diabetes and high blood pressure are stable and normal. After 60 days, I have lost 42 pounds. Dr.Panah is of very high knowledge, honest, and has amazing bed side manner. During all our appointments, I felt like I was in the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend Dr. Panah, if you are looking to loose weight and become healthy in a way you never have before. Do not wait one second, make your appointment. When you call the front receptionist Angelina will answer, she is incredibly sweet and a thoughtful women. I am forever thankful for Dr. Panah for changing my life. Again, I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to loose weight and start a healthy life.
Sabrina Resulovic
Sabrina R.
04:30 04 Feb 22
Dr. Panah is just a plain ole all-around good human being. He adds to the world through his positive approach and kind care to help you become your best healthiest self. He is patient and thorough. I feel the best I've felt in years and have the knowledge and tools to keep going in positive ways. Hooray!
julee jingle
julee J.
03:38 26 Nov 21
I am so grateful for Doctor Timothy Panah and Skinny Seattle. I am 58 years old and have always battled my weight. Though the years, I have tried various things to lose weight. When I was younger, I was able to lose weight, but usually gained it all back. As I have gotten older, the weight loss methods, that have worked in the past, have not worked. I have worked harder than ever but could not lose weight. It was extremely discouraging!What a miracle to have met Doctor Panah! With his knowledge, experience, and skill, he has helped me and my wife both lose weight and improve our overall health! With so many voices in the world, with conflicting health recommendations, it was wonderful to find a voice we could trust!In a short period of time, I have lost 24 pounds! The weight loss is fantastic, but I have experienced other wonderful benefits! I have less pain in my knees, then I have had for a long time! I am sleeping better than I have in a long time and am not as tired throughout the day!Doctor Panah is truly one of the most amazing people I have ever met! His knowledge and skill are incredible. He is also very supportive and takes time to explain things clearly and in understandable ways. He is genuine and kind and truly wants to help people. I am a better and happier person because of Doctor Panah! I am confident that he has added years to our lives and has improved our overall health!My wife and I will be forever grateful for Doctor Panah and how he has improved our lives!Mark Vallace
Gwen Vallace
Gwen V.
23:38 23 Nov 21
I was referred to Dr Panah by a friend. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism over 10 years ago. I was put on 2 prescription medications that I still take today. Over the years I slowly started putting weight on and not feeling well. I was tired and had a lack of energy, even though I was working out on a regular basis.I was so glad to hear about a doctor who could help me with my symptoms and help make me feel better.Dr Panah was so helpful and knowledgeable and walked me step by step through the process. It was easy to follow, and I ended up losing 21 lbs. in 40 days, reaching my goal. More importantly, I feel amazing, I have energy again and feel like my old self. I also gained knowledge on how I can take control over how I feel. I can't thank Dr Panah enough for giving me my health back.
June Summer
June S.
00:26 03 Nov 21
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Panah! I feel like I am no longer stuck in a rut and am equipped to move forward on my own and continue to make progress! This program has changed my life and I am so so thankful that I found them and made the investment! I was treated with such kindness and intentionality and i am forever grateful! Down 25 lbs and not even done with the program yet! WOO HOO!
Aleah Sharpe
Aleah S.
02:15 26 Oct 21
Dr. Panah and his program exceeded my expectations! For years I bounced from weight loss program to weight loss program with mixed results. With Skinny Seattle I learned how to manage my stress, I learned how certain foods are affecting my body, and how to maintain what I have lost. Because of this program I have learned how to efficiently lose weight, and keep it off, and love myself along the way! I am down 20 pounds and excited to loose even more!
Katherine Dawson
Katherine D.
00:41 18 Oct 21
I went to Dr. Panah with no motivation and desperate to get healthy. He is very kind and supportive and with his help i lost 47lbs in 54 days. I highly recommend this program.
Wendy Wright
Wendy W.
13:11 11 Oct 21
My experience with Dr Panah has been nothing short of amazing. The program is well laid out and very easy to follow. Dr Panah encourages questions and answers promptly. The support and encouragement I received from him was exceptional. Dr Panah graciously accommodated me by allowing televisits for all my follow-up appointments, which I really appreciated. This allowed me to schedule my appointments during my workday so I didn’t have to take any time off work to participate. I appreciated that there are no prepackaged foods to buy.From my first weigh in at Dr Panah’s office to the end of my reset phase I lost a total of 31 pounds. The changes I noticed throughout my experience were very noticeable. After years of insomnia I immediately started sleeping through the night. The arthritis pain I was experiencing in my hands disappeared. My energy level and general mood improved remarkably as well. My ability to concentrate and focus has also improved.This program taught me how to recognize what my body is telling me, which is something I have not learned from any of the previous weight loss programs I have tried (and there were many). I feel confident that I will be able to follow this program for life, not only to reach my weight loss goal, but to also maintain my healthy weight.Dr Panah is one of the kindest, most genuine men I have ever met. His knowledge, passion and ability to explain human biology at a cellular level, in layman’s terms is amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with weight, feeling sluggish, or has a general sense of being unwell.
Bonita Campo
Bonita C.
19:17 07 Oct 21
I recently completed the New You program through Skinny Seattle and feel AMAZING! Prior to enrolling in the program, I had a ten+ year history of getting migraines/severe headaches at least once or twice a month and the frequency was getting worse (up to 2 x per week). I was also struggling with progressive weight gain and my usual tactics to get it under control (calorie counting and exercise) were not working. Dr. Panah was able to help me have a better understanding of how foods affect my body and overall health. He also taught me how to make life-sustaining dietary changes so the foods I consume fully benefit my well-being. As a result, I lost 18 lbs and have been headache free for 2 months (and still counting)! Other positive results include more energy and less joint pain. It is a rigorous program, but if an individual is truly motivated to transition into a healthier, happier person by attaining valuable knowledge and developing healthy habits, I highly recommend contacting Skinny Seattle.
Susie C.
Susie C.
19:19 12 Sep 21
Discovering the New You program with Dr. Panah’s wisdom and guidance my prayers for a healthier lifestyle have been answered. I’m a 69 woman who has tried a variety of diets unfortunately always gaining back the pounds I lost. With a history of issues which includes acid reflux, inflammation, IT band pain , plantar fasciitis, arthritis in my knee, carpal tunnel, and recently a medial meniscus tear, my goal was to find strategies that could bring balance to my health and transform my body inside and out without medication and to consume natural food for nutrition. In the past I’ve enlisted the help of physical therapist for healing injuries and also a personal trainer for strengthening but could still not lose weight. My body was struggling and then I was fortunate to find The New You program. After consulting with Dr. Panah, I sensed this program was going to fit my needs. His personal, humble, and encouraging style along with his very warm receptive office staff made you feel like you were engaging with family. After 3 months using this program I’ve lost 33lbs and still losing , I have no inflammation, and no pain in my knee which has cancelled my need for surgery for my meniscus tear. Once my body got accustomed to proper nutrition my metabolism was reset, weight started dropping off, and my acid reflux was gone. Other positive outcomes have been increased energy level, improved sleep, no more food cravings, and better eating habits. All of the above have been benefits to my health, but the most important take away for me has been my mindset shift toward my body. I’ve embraced that God has given me this body as a wonderful gift and my priority now is to treat it with kindness, love, and respect. How I treat it and what I put in it has a significant affect on how I feel. I can honestly say at this point my health is in balance. If you are someone looking for ways to obtain a healthier lifestyle I would strongly recommend the investment in the New You program. I’ve been truly blessed and ever so grateful to Dr. Panah for teaching me new tools & habits that I will use throughout my journey to living a healthier lifestyle. He is truly a health angel that has blessed my life!
Chris Ratcliffe
Chris R.
23:32 09 Sep 21
This program works! Unlike my other attempts at losing weight, this method works effectively and burns fat efficiently. Since the middle of May, I have lost Over 40 pounds and it is still coming off as I follow the tools provided in the program. The use of the supplements during the beginning stages made it possible for me to give up sugar, carbs and reduce my caffeine intake…an undertaking that I deemed near impossible! The additional energy I gained has been invaluable. The program itself is easy to follow and the communication between the staff and myself was great. Any time I had a question, I would quickly receive a response, whether it was over the phone or via email. While self discipline is necessary, Skinny Seattle, Dr. Panah and the staff are supportive and gentle in their approach. I can highly recommend this program.
Julie Hannegan
Julie H.
01:26 07 Sep 21
Dr. Panah is wonderful. He is kind, humble, caring and attentive . He guided me through my initial loss of 22lbs. Now it on to the next 22!
Christopher Zimmerman
Christopher Z.
19:04 06 Sep 21
Dr. Panah and his program have been the impactful and life-changing adjustment I have needed in my life. As a former, intense athlete who has suffered from traumatic injuries at the hands of a drunk driver (including temporary blindness and paralysis), workout routines were not what my body could physically handle without severe and extreme pain. Weight gain was an issue for me due to the permanent damage to my body and the suffering I had endured for years, along with numerous medications to manage my medical conditions. When I happened upon Dr. Panah discussing his concept and approach to health and wellness on television and learned about his system, I knew he and his program were EXACTLY what I needed for my situation. His methodology of personalizing my program, getting down to the cellular level, naturally, with unlimited support, and eventually leading up to mild exercise was essential to my health, wellness, and weight loss success.Not only was this experience great for me, but it has been great for my family, as well. Within less than two weeks, with my PCP's blessings, I was off of the prescribed blood pressure medication I had been on for years. And I have stayed off with ideal readings since. The migraines and neuropathy symptoms that have plagued me since 2013 are nearly non-existent at this point (I never thought I would experience much relief from these two ever again). “The New You – Total Health Weight Loss” concept has allowed me to engage in so many more physical activities with my family than I have been able to in years. My young daughter can see her mother navigate through daily life in ways she has not seen (or may not even remember) for so long. Even though the program was structured to suit my needs, her dad has been very supportive by eating the same meals. It helps to have a partner to go through this whole thing with (and someone else to cook and come up with some unique, beautiful, colorful, healthy dishes with, as well!) and fewer separate meals to prepare for everyone at home. Makes a big difference! Our daughter's meals are not as regimented as ours, but she has been inspired on her own to eat healthier, more often, as we do. Making us a healthier family overall!I am very thankful for what I gained (and lost) from Dr. Panah and his “The New You – Total Health Weight Loss” program. For me, there was no other option. I was not going to spend another dime on a gym membership I would not utilize or on an exercise program that would essentially bring on a severe pain crisis that could impact my life for weeks at a time. Elective/cosmetic surgery was not an option I was willing to consider. Not to mention, I was not going to be happy with someone's expensive, packaged meal plans I would depend on that would not teach me how to eat and prepare food for myself and my family in a healthy manner. I needed natural change at a cellular level with the guidance and assistance of Dr. Panah to help my body continue to do all of the great things it wants to do for me and has done for me in the past with detoxification, optimizing pH levels, and body balance. Then gradually getting back into some of the fitness activities I enjoyed participating in, in the past.I would highly recommend this program to anyone. I would especially recommend this program to anyone with physical limitations looking for a supportive, feasible, natural, honest approach to health, wellness, and weight loss that works without clobbering yourself with unrealistic, exhaustive exercise and physical activity, as I had. Dr. Panah and his program have set me up with a lifetime of priceless knowledge with a wealth of valuable, applicable information I will always have on hand.
Shannon Pitts
Shannon P.
00:34 19 Aug 21
I was struggling like a lot of folks my age (64) and needed someone to coach me with professional advice about my condition and nutritional needs. My local GP is great but didn't give me what I was looking for.In steps my angel of a wife to suggest Skinny Seattle, never even vetted them just jumped in blindly. And I must say it has been the most pleasant experience of my life. Dr. Panah is the most compassionate profession I have ever encountered. First off, he doesn't talk down to you and explains things in a clear and concise manner. I have lost almost twenty pounds so far and on track to lose thirty more.Folks, this is a life changing thing I whole heartily endorse. Kudos Dr. Panah you have the secret formula.
Larry Willman
Larry W.
20:22 12 Aug 21
Darcy Pintado
Darcy P.
18:08 26 Jul 21
I went to see Dr. Panah on a whim. This program works! No BS, no hidden fees, and nothing else to buy. The directions are clear and simple and it works! Never hungry, and the weight just dropped off. Down 40 lbs and I haven't been in this good of shape in 40 years! Amazing!
John W
John W
20:16 22 Jul 21
I enjoyed my weight loss journey with Dr.Panah. I lost over 30lbs in 60 days. While it is normal to lose weight through the program, what I learned was ways to effectively make lifestyle changes that would ensure you do not fall into old traps. Dr. Panah is a great story teller and his simple examples/analogies are very effective communication tools. I did this program with my wife so I highly recommend you do it with a partner. It was lot easy for us to follow the details of the program and hold each other accountable and encourage each other. Dr.Panah is very good and timely in his email correspondence which was a motivating factor. If you are reading this, you are ready for improving your health. I recommend jump in with both your heart and head and trust the process works. It does. All the best and Thanks Dr.Panah for all your help.
Venkat CJ
Venkat C.
20:54 19 Jul 21
I just can't believe how good I feel since I started going to Skinny Seattle! In the first 40 days I lost 33 pounds, and gained a ton of energy! I sleep better, and can tie my shoes without running out of breath and gasping for air!Dr Panah is so knowledgeable and teachesyou so much to get on track for the healthy lifestyle we all should be living! He's also one of the nicest people and full of encouragement to help you feel worthy and excited to continue! I am done with the course, but still keep in contact with him just to let him know how I'm doing and the progress that I'm still making, and to also get some words of encouragement! He's awesome!The old saying, that you are what you eat! Is so true! If you want the skills to live healthy! Feel amazing! And lose weight as a bonus, then I recommend trying Skinny Seattle it's worth it!!
Sheryl Mattheis
Sheryl M.
23:18 09 Jul 21
I have nothing but rave reviews for this wonderful program! I have tried many different programs/diets in the past with short-term results, only leading me to give up and fall back to where I was before. This program is not only do-able but works! Trust the process, your body will thank you. I can attest that it will change your habits for the better. Dr. Panah is fantastic with his immense knowledge (which he explains so anyone can understand) and is super humble and you really know he wants to help you. I am so happy I completed this program and would recommend it to anyone!
Lauren Marapodi
Lauren M.
15:37 08 Jul 21
Invest in yourself and do this!! You might think this is just another weight loss gimick, but that is sooooo far from the truth! Dr. Panah is very knowledgeable and is an excellent teacher. His guidance made it so easy and his recipes are so tasty that I lost 25 pounds in six weeks. The best part was that I never felt like I was trying to lose weight. But that was just the beginning. Dr. Panah then goes on teach you how to listen to your body cues and how keep the weight off forever! Yes, I realize that "forever" is a big word, but I know I can do it now, thanks to Dr. Panah!!
Karen Langridge
Karen L.
21:51 30 Jun 21
Amazing experience with the "NEW YOU" program. I went through the entire program and not only lost weight (which was not my original goal) but regained my energy, balance, improved sleep and so much more. My skin and eyes are bright and I am just thrilled with the results. Highly recommend!
Carlene Carl
Carlene C.
20:14 30 Jun 21
Dr. Panah of Skinny Seattle has been a great partner in helping me get healthy again. When I walked in his office for the first time, I was way overweight, my blood sugar was in the diabetic range, and had very little energy. He gently showed me how to get my health back and turn my body into a fat burner. The program was not that hard or painful, and I am not a very disciplined person. He is very professional and kind, and incredibly knowledgeable about how our bodies work. He also responds very promptly when I have any questions. I am down 30 pounds, have more energy, better focus, and I am way kinder to my body. I like the fact that you do not have to buy prepackaged food, you buy all of your own food. I am so thankful for Dr. Panah and this program. I really believe it is going to prolong my life and it has already improved the quality of my life greatly.
00:28 25 Jun 21
Timothy Panah is the real deal. His process is life changing! I went to see him not to lose weight but to feel better. I wanted to eliminate the inflammation in my body post pandemic but could not figure out how to do it. I was working out everyday and thought I was in good shape but just did not feel optimal. Body aches and joint pain were chronic. I felt "puffy". Sleep patterns were not good. I followed his direction to the letter for 30 days. After the first 2 weeks, my joint pain was 90% gone! Sleep patterns were so much better. I lost the puffy! I now feel 20 years younger. I am 57 years old and my metabolic age is that of a 20 year old! Amazing! No gimmick to his guidance. No Kool Aid or fairy dust sales here. (I would never sign up for that) He tailors each program to the individual. If you're an athlete and are struggling to be at your best, I highly recommend his help. If you do the work the results are life changing.
Kaydee Johnston
Kaydee J.
17:17 22 Jun 21
I cannot recommend Skinny seattle enough. This program has changed my life! I have lost and gained weight than I care to admit. But I believe I have found the program that has changed my yo-yo dieting forever! Dr. Panah teaches you to listen to your body, He l.oves to celebrate your successful and doesn't judge if you slip... just total support really cares about you and really wants you to succeed! I have lost 39 pounds so far, and will continue to lose 30 more pounds! I now have the confidence and the tools I need to be successful.
Karin Powell
Karin P.
01:47 22 Jun 21
First I will direct you to my photo that I added to this post to let you see what a difference this journey has had on my life! Wowzer!!!! Dr. Panah and his team are so gentle and kind all along the way as they guide, yes, guide you (never force or demand) to love, honor and respect your body. And by doing so, you will begin to have a very different relationship with it...I tend to see my body as my BFF now instead of my enemy. It loves me right back when I take care of it by providing it with the proper nutrients and attention. To say the program is simple might seem absurd but it is just that. I lost 35 pounds and looking back, it really was simple with the help and guidance of Dr. Panah and his team. He just might be the doctor with the best bedside manner out there. So gentle and so kind. I believe that is his secret to his success and OUR success which could be YOUR success. Go see him today. You will be glad you did!
Lynda Alley
Lynda A.
23:47 21 Jun 21
Dr. Pannah is amazing. I was facing a lot of issues with my weight and digestive issues, being a thyroid patient has these side effects. none of the doctors I went to helped me or even tried to find a root cause. They just gave me a term "overweight" . Determined to resolve this , one day i came across this place called skinny seattle in google and upon reading the reviews immediately booked an appointment. Dr Pannah is amazing. he is the only one who addressed my issues, he found the root cause of what was happening with me . His program helped me regain my confidence, improved my metabolism and also gave me all the tools to help me maintain all the weight I lost. Following his program I lost ~16 pounds in 32 days and I have been maintaining since. I plan to loose more weight but I can do that on my own because Dr Pannah doesnt make you dependent on him like some other places.. He taught me a lot of important things about my body and what goes on inside. His tools are very valuable. His attention to detail and quick responsiveness are commendable. This program is a worth the money and effort. They dont scam you with medications, or pre packaged food etc. They teach you clean and healthy way of eating. I have loved every day in this program. I completed the program with a lot of learning and forever support from Dr. Pannah.. Thank you so much for taking me in as a client and helping me become the advocate of my own body !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
deepa warrier
deepa W.
22:47 21 Jun 21
I wish I could give Skinny Seattle 6 stars because they go above and beyond!!! I went to Skinny Seattle not to get skinny (of course that wouldn't hurt) but because their focus on body health and addressing underlying conditions like prediabetes/diabetes and healing the body FIRST then addressing how to eat for the rest of my life. I haven't been successful on my own or with other eating plans. I just completed 60 days and I'm SHOCKED and thrilled with my 31 lb waitloss. Dr. Panah and the office has changed my life and I'm forever thankful!!!
Jen Reeves
Jen R.
20:44 07 Jun 21


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