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New You Program Video

In this video Timothy Panah, creator of the New You program, walks you through our 5-step process and answers some frequently asked questions.


Change Your Metabolism

When it comes to weight loss, metabolism is everything. If your metabolism is working for you, you can reach almost any weight you want. If your metabolism is working against you, it can be almost impossible to reach your goal weight.

We’ve all heard people say, “He’s got a fast metabolism,” or, “She’s got a slow metabolism.” What they’re really saying is that one person burns fat well and the other person stores fat well. If you’re a person whose body likes to store rather than burn, it can be nearly impossible to lose weight without professional help. We help people like this every day. For so many of them, their inability to lose weight is not their fault. They do a lot of things right, but their metabolism holds them back. We help identify each individual’s metabolic roadblocks and create a customized program to bring their body back into an optimal metabolic state that consistently and naturally burns fat for energy.


Fat Burning Vs. Fat Storage

When it comes to your metabolism, you’re either a Fat Burner or a Fat Storer. Most of us are Fat Storers. Most people, through no fault of their own, do a really good job at storing fat.

And because you’re a Fat Storer, you’re stuck at the weight you are today. Our program gets you unstuck. We change you from a Fat Storer to a Fat Burner, without stimulants, hormones, or medications. There are a lot of ways to lose weight, but keeping it off is another story! Our process addresses the “root cause” of your issues for great results that last.

We do this through our unique “New You five-step program” that includes.

  1. Alkalinize pH and reduce inflammation
  2. Detoxify the body both cellularly and systemically
  3. Identify and eliminate the body’s key metabolic stressors
  4. Balance hormones, neuro-transmitters, and blood sugar
  5. Reset the metabolism for sustainable results

Fat is Fuel

The biggest difference between the New You and other programs is that, during the 40 days on the program, you won’t be hungry. How? During the weight loss phase, most people burn thousands of calories a day of their own fat. That means that before you’ve taken a single bite of food, your body feels like it has eaten thousands of calories.

Once you train your body to burn fat instead of sugar and carbohydrates, the weight loss results come faster than you could imagine – some clients lose over a pound per day. Fat has by far the most energy per calorie compared to sugar, carbohydrates, and protein so burning fat not only helps us lose weight, it also improves energy and mental clarity.

At the New You, our clients lose fat as opposed to just water weight. We carefully monitor and support each client throughout the entire program for optimal results that you can feel and see.

With the New You Program you’ll get

  • Unlimited support from Dr. Panah and the rest of our team during the entire program
  • A customized “road map” back to better health, more energy, improved sleep, and consistent weight loss
  • A tremendous education on how to really understand and support your body’s unique needs
  • A personalized food list and all-natural, plant-based supplements to reset your metabolism
  • Best of all, you get life-changing weight loss that happens fast and lasts!

It’s Time to Get Started

Because every individual is unique, we understand that weight loss cannot be one size fits all. We create customized weight loss programs that include realistic personal goals with specific strategies and tools to help you reach them as quickly as possible.* Every plan begins by identifying the key stressors that are holding your metabolism back. Next, we outline the foods (real foods you buy from a grocery store) and nutrients needed to bring your body back into a more optimal metabolic state. No two people are exactly alike, therefore no two plans are exactly alike either.

We can help you achieve your goals

Our program is an amazing, revolutionary weight-loss program focused on helping you lose weight by improving your overall health.** Lasting change only comes through learning how to deal with the challenges of living a healthy lifestyle and developing the personal discipline to make wise choices. We understand how difficult losing weight can be for so many people, regardless of their efforts to exercise and watch what they eat, so our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way.

New You is dedicated to helping you overcome your weight loss struggle. New You is not about shakes, bars, ketosis, or astronaut food. It’s not hours of exercise or fake water weight loss that happens with so many fad diets. You’ll lose weight quickly but safely. Best of all when you’re done with our program you’ll be in a healthier and happier state and finally learn how to keep the weight off while living in the real world. Call 425-732-6729 now to get started with your own personal transformation!

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